Leave your FOB at home and use a code to get in your building!

  • Going jogging and don’t want to carry anything?
  • Took the dog out and forgot your keys?
  • Want to let friends & relatives in without giving them a FOB?

There are many situations when it would be nice to get in your building without a FOB. Whether you’re lazy, forgetful, or just need someone to feed your fish while you’re on vacation, getting yourself or others in with out a FOB is just plain convenient.

First, the Building…

Our door buzzer called my fiancĂ©’s phone, so as long as she could answer it to let me in, I could simply use the buzzer. However after getting stuck outside a couple times when she couldn’t answer, I found a better solution.

DoorBuzzin makes your Doorbell smart!
Makes your Doorbell smart!

I signed up for DoorBuzzin ( doorbuzz.in ) which allows me to set an access code for the Buzzer. This way I can get in anytime without having to bother my fiancé, and I also made codes for my in-laws and friends. It has the added benefit of forwarding to multiple phones and other cool stuff too. I highly recommend checking it out!

Next, the Apartment…

For this I simply replaced the lock on my unit’s door with a key-pad based lock. Super simple solution.

Keypad Door Lock from Schlage
Nice and Simple!

These work great and are available on Amazon

Easy Access!

Now I’m able to let my housekeeper, in-laws, friends, and most importantly myself in anytime I want. I am safe to walk the dog and forget my keys as often as I want!