Most new condos will not let you open your windows more than about 3-4 inches. From a not-wanting-to-get-sued perspective, this makes a lot of sense for the developer. The problem is it significantly reduces the airflow, and with summer coming up this can be quite literally suffocating.

If you don’t have any small children or flight-risk pets, the good news is that you can modify your windows so they open all the way. This will take about 10-15 minutes and require some basic tools. You won’t need to remove or dismantle the window.

Disclaimer: Do not proceed if you have small children. This site provides information only – what you do with it is up to you and your responsibility.

Casement-Style Windows

These are “normal” windows that open like a door (typically outwards).

Casement-style windows in condos are typically installed with a stopper rail installed on the bottom track. This can be removed to allow the window to open fully.

Note: Since we will be destroying the stopper to remove it, this is a one-way hack. There is no easy way to put the stopper back in. Don’t proceed unless you are OK with that.

To remove the stopper, you will need to destroy it. The best way is to use a drill to make a hole in the middle and then insert a flat-head screw driver in the hole to pry up the 2 pieces and pull them out. Once the stopper is sufficiently weakened, you can push on the window (trying to open it) with a gentle pulsing motion to further weaken the stopper. Repeat the process (drill, pry, push) until the metal has weakened enough to be completely removed.

Once the stopper has been removed, you can open the window as far as you want. It will still close properly, and the water-sealing properties of the window are not affected.

I hope this keeps you a bit cooler this summer! If you’re still not cool enough, you can try installing an AC with your Dryer Vent here.